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Ohigebon-20 60-pun 10000 Gil ni Narimasu 3

What this full color parody comics is about? It’s about massive orgy with the most curvy and the mosty slutty chicks that the expanded universe of “Final Fantasy” has to offer! And the best part of it that even if you will not find any familiar faces at all (which is actually impossible for a true fan) this ‘story’ still deifnitely worth to check because of the amount of hentai themed content!

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Erotifa7 vol.2.5

This hentai parody comics is going to be quite tough for sexy brunette Tifa Lockhart since here she will get fucked by not only some bunch of muscled jerks but also by some… giant doglike cretaure?! Ofcourse the true fans of “Final Fantasy VII” among you already understand about whom we are talking about but barely it will make Tifa’s life any easier for the next few pages…

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TIFA!2 [ACID-HEAD] [Final Fantasy VII]

Tifa Lockhart, from Final Fantasy VII, has large bosoms. The author of the comic parody iswell aware of this- the entire story will be focused on this beautiful brunette who uses her funbags to please big and strong ladies! There’ll be kinky tricks and blowjobs but the core of the story will remain the same: Tifa Lockhart’s boobs will be the ultimate dream! Enjoy them!

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Tifa to Oira no Seventh Heaven

Tifa Lockhart worked as bartender during the night and would be pampered by the guests who were late. She even began to take pleasure in this kind of kind of treatment in the past. Can she keep her newly discovered sexuality as she confronts the real beast, or will she become an sexy slob? This comic parody of hentai has the answer!

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Tifa Before Climax

Tifa Lockhart from “Final Fanatsy VII” is a real hottie so no wonder that many men want to hold her. What if all them choose to make their dreams of having a playdate with Tifa real at thevery at the same time? It will all end in an amazing gangbang event that is focused on multiple groping movements… which is exactly what this parody comics about hentaiis about!

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