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Erotifa7 vol.2.5

This hentai parody comics is going to be quite tough for sexy brunette Tifa Lockhart since here she will get fucked by not only some bunch of muscled jerks but also by some… giant doglike cretaure?! Ofcourse the true fans of “Final Fantasy VII” among you already understand about whom we are talking about but barely it will make Tifa’s life any easier for the next few pages…

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Misura wo Mederu Hon 3+1

A bunch of nekogirls are enjoying a bath, but naturally, as this is a hentai comics the definition of “hot” is not solely about the temperature. Being all naked and sexy will make them horny enough and once they realize that there’s an afghanari among them… That’s right this is the point at which the fun and relaxation begins!

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Aishite Ii Desu Tomo

Even though this parody comics is based on less popular episode of “Final Fantasy” videogame series it still has all what it needs – one shy chick with big tits, one slutty chick with big tits and one brave hero on whom these two ladies are going to practice and to share the experiences! So get ready for less of the story and dialogs and more of hentai scenes in fantasy setting!

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Tifa in Slum [English]

Tifa Lockhart from “Final Fantasy VII” is known as a great fighter yet even her skills are not limitless so when she and Cloud happen to be away from their friends and Tifa has to protect wounded Cloud from a big gang of slum thugs the outcome is kinda obvious – Tifa will get fucked! And since this is a hentai comics she is going to get fucked literally – many times and by many guys.

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Subete Hazusanai LV2

Gorgeous blonde, with long hair, huge tits and beautiful eyes The principal character in the anime… and she will continue to be the main protagonist of this parody comics about Hentai! Whatever efforts she makes to avoid sexual pleasures from other women, she’ll eventually receive the sexy treatment she deserves.

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Tifa to Oira no Seventh Heaven

Tifa Lockhart worked as bartender during the night and would be pampered by the guests who were late. She even began to take pleasure in this kind of kind of treatment in the past. Can she keep her newly discovered sexuality as she confronts the real beast, or will she become an sexy slob? This comic parody of hentai has the answer!

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Lucrecia I [Kokonokiya] [Final Fantasy]

Lucrecia has become the true lover of seuction. So will you be shocked that on the third pageshe will be able to get a large tough cock for her to play around with. However, her large toes and beautiful a** are not the only thing that is great in this hentai comcis parody because it also features an intriguing background story too! So if you enjoy watching, but also reading, then check this one today.

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