Endling – Extinction is Forever Game Review

How will a mother Fox protect her children?

Discover a world devastated by mankind through the eyes of the final fox in Earth on this ecologically conscious journey.
The destructing power of mankind is evident every day when it corrupts and impoverishes and uses up all of the important and precious natural resources.
The game lets you explore side-scrolling 3D environments, defend your pet and even help them live.
Use the cover of night to sneakily lead your pet to a safe place. Spend the day resting in a shelter you’ve built yourself and prepare your next step in advance, knowing that it could end up being the last time for you and your pups.
Features: Learn about devastated regions that are based on real-world challenges.
Find other animals that feed your cubs and avoid becoming prey.
Examine your survival skills and take part in emotional challenging decision-making.
Discover new places to stay protected from natural and nonnatural threat
Be sure to take care of your kittens Feed them, and help them learn new skills.

As reviewed by samus porngame

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